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Yunchang holds a PhD in Anthropology and Visual Culture from University College London and an MA in Anthropology of Media from SOAS, University of London. He is interested in anthropology and media issues, especially inter-disciplinary studies across photography and anthropology.


A freelance writer for mainstream media of China including Tencent, Sina, LEAP, ArtCo, etc., his essays and critiques tackling anthropology, art, and visual culture have been published both in Chinese and English. Currently, in addition to photographic works, he is also open to writing assignments in these areas.


Yunchang's interest in integrating anthropology, art, and photography was ignited since his undergraduate studying in Sun Yat-sen University, China. Through practical endeavours in Visual Anthropology, he has laid down solid background in both still and moving image shooting and editing. His photographic works were exhibited both in China and the U.K.

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